Award winning production company empowering women in front of and behind the camera.

Founded in 2015 St Catherine Productions Ltd provides audiences with relevant and sharply crafted stories.

Short Films

Mary in the Mirror

Mary, a thirty-something, newly unemployed woman and carer to an invalid mother, struggles to come to terms with the banality of her existence. Following an unsatisfactory counselling session, Mary seeks out the solace of the several local support groups on offer.

Two Mums and a Giraffe

Two mothers, one child. Each mother is jealous of the other mother’s role; the stay-at-home mum yearns for the exciting job and the ‘specialness’ that a grand evening entrance can create. The working mum is jealous of all the ordinary time, the bath-times, the stories, the little moments that make up a day. Both mums mistakenly believe that their daughter prefers the other…

Lacivious Grace

Demi-Lea Sadler, a medical doctor, and her husband Will, a struggling novelist, are desperately trying to have children. When Anne Harris, Demi-Lea’s best friend, brings the mysteriously handsome Freddy Young over for dinner one night, dreams start coming true in ways unexpected. Lascivious Grace is a dramatic short inspired by the themes and characters of Shakespeare’s collection of 154 sonnets about a love triangle involving a Poet, a Fair Youth and a Dark Lady, which was published in 1609.

To The Grave

After the death of her mother, Claire Jameson makes a shocking discovery whilst clearing out the house. She’s soon propelled on a journey to uncover the past, one which takes the audience from the 1970s to the present day. Directed by Esther Hegarty, ‘To The Grave’ is a compelling tale of dark family secrets and fractured relationships.

Under Wire Best Writer 2017
Under Wire Best Actor 2017
London LGBTQ Film Festival 2018
Lausanne Shakespeare Festival 2018
Bermuda International Film Festival 2018
Velvet Rope Film Festival 2016
Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2016
Euro Shorts International Film Festival 2017
Nevada Women's Film Festival 2017
Mexico International Film Festival 2017
London International Film Festival 2019
Henley Film Festival 2016
Festival De Cannes 2016
Canada Shorts Film Festival 2019
Citizen Jane Film Festival 2016
Reeling 2019
St.John's International Women's Film Festival 2019
Taj Film Festival 2019
Queer North Film Festival 2019
SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2019