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  • To The Grave

    To The Grave

    "To The Grave" is a collaboration between St Catherine Productions Ltd and Silver Cat Films. Directed by Esther Hegarty and written by Marcus Lloyd the film was shot in 2015 in London.

    "To The Grave" is currently on the International Festival Circuit and was accepted into Cannes Short Film Corner in 2016.



    After the death of her mother, Claire Jameson makes a shocking discovery whilst clearing out the house. She's soon propelled on a journey to uncover the past, one which takes the audience from the 1970s to the present day. Directed by Esther Hegarty, 'To The Grave' is a compelling tale of dark family secrets and fractured relationships.

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  • Maggie Fincher

    Maggie Fincher


    When Maggie Fincher, a loving British Mum finds out that her 10-year-old son, Joshua is being bullied at school, she tries to recondition his behavior in order to protect him. But when her newly-wed neighbours encourage Maggie to embrace Joshua’s idiosyncrasies, she now must stand up to her conservative husband, Peter, in the fight for her son’s individuality.

  • Very Important Person

    "Very Important Person" written and directed by Berlin-based Carey McKenzie is currently in development and will be shot on location in Scotland.


    Anne is ambitious. She's set her sights on securing the life rights of a celebrated Latin American ex president. Having recently escaped assassination, the hero is in hiding in Scotland.

    Anne is thrilled by the stringent secrecy and security, but when her meeting is postponed, over and over and over again, she begins to fall apart.